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8G cable for X-CAP (8sq) 60cm to 100cm Free shipping

8G cable for X-CAP (8sq) 60cm to 100cm Free shipping

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This cable is ideal for the ROSSAM EDLC X-CAP series.
It is used to connect a battery in parallel use.

Standard length is 50cm, but if you need more length, please select the required length from
60cm to 100cm in "10cm increments" at
*1cm increments such as 75cm, 93cm, etc. are not available.

8G cable (8sq)
One each of positive and negative cables
Length Approx. 60cm~100cm
Terminals R8-8 on one side R8-6 on one side
Allowable current 70A
Heat resistance Approx. 85 degrees

When two or more X-CAPs are connected, please be sure to use 4G (22sq) cable for large capacity
because it has very large capacity.
*It will be delivered by Click Post mail (free of charge).

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