Please give me a guideline as to which model is best.
CSR300 (for small motorcycles and passenger cars)
- F2150 (recommended for 2500cc and under)
- F8450 (for all models 5000cc and under)
- X-CAP (top-of-the-line, high-end model, for all models)
- BIKE-F400 (recommended for mid-size bikes and under)
- BIKE F900 (recommended for bikes under 1500cc)

Basically, the effect increases as the capacity increases.
F2150 is effective for light cars and compact cars, but if you want a larger effect, or if your car has a lot of electrical components, please consider a higher rank model .

What is EDLC?
EDLC is an energy storage device that enables high output and ultra-fast charging and discharging, replacing conventional batteries and dry cells.
Its structure is similar to that of an electrolytic capacitor, but it is thousands to tens of thousands of times more powerful than an electrolytic capacitor of the same size.
Since electricity is stored directly in carbon, there is no chemical reaction, so the instantaneous discharge power, which is a drawback of batteries, can be greatly increased.
The disadvantage is that the production volume is still small and expensive, but it has a durability of more than 10 years compared to conventional batteries.
In the United States, in particular, it has already been adopted in the military and space development fields, and is a cutting-edge electronic component used in "rail guns" that can fire objects at speeds of up to Mach 24.

Supplemental "rail gun"
Cannonballs usually fly at about 800 km/h, but the rail gun can eject a cannonball at a speed of Mach 24. Unlike conventional rockets, the railgun is a cutting-edge American technology that can eject a spacecraft out of the atmosphere using only electric power.
We produce EDLCs directly with overseas manufacturers of these elements.

Why is it effective? Please explain the principle.
The ECU (computer) that controls the car runs on 5V. Assuming that it can control up to 8000 rpm, 8000/60 is 133 rpm per second.
Even the most low-function ECU (in the 80's) reads and controls status changes in 0.01 second increments, so it optimally controls the car once every 1.3 revolutions per second. Recent ECUs have an even faster update cycle, so optimization is almost real-time.

However, if you step on the accelerator pedal roughly, you may encounter a jittery feeling or a situation where the car does not move forward even if you step on the accelerator pedal. (There are other causes as well if you go into detail.)

So what happens if the battery voltage drops momentarily? The voltage drop will certainly delay the operation of the injectors (fuel injectors), weaken the ignition spark, and cause ignition misses. However, the ECU is aware of this and monitors the battery voltage to control the voltage drop. However, there are cases where a sudden power consumption cannot be controlled. Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize the supply voltage and current with an auxiliary device such as EDLC.

In addition, batteries have an instantaneous permissible capacity, and the larger the capacity, the higher the capacity. Foreign cars are generally equipped with larger capacity batteries than domestic cars.
This is the reason why many tuning products claim to be ineffective for foreign cars. However, although a battery can store a lot of power, it is not good at rapid discharge and recharging. Therefore, instantaneous peak power cannot be produced. In addition, large voltage fluctuations during driving will shorten battery life.
EDLC with this product will be able to meet excessive demands, and the voltage fluctuations will be constant, greatly extending battery charging efficiency and life.

Are EDLCs active rather than passive types?
Our EDLC products are active type for both F series and X-CAP series.

Is it problematic to install a large capacity EDLC such as X-CAP in a light car?
The larger the capacity of EDLC, the more effective it is. However, for light cars, F950 or F2150, or F8450 at the most, is usually sufficient. If you are interested in getting the maximum effect, please consider the top-of-the-line X-CAP.

Are there any precautions for installation?
For cars that run continuously for long periods of time, it is preferable to install the X-CAP in a position where it is not directly exposed to the warm air of the radiator to extend the parts deterioration cycle, although the inside of the X-CAP is heat-resistant and waterproof. The terminals should be connected directly to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

Is the product effective for hybrid vehicles such as Prius?
Yes, it can be used for hybrid cars, and all electrical systems controlled by 12V will respond better.
Sensors, solenoids, ABS, electronic suspension, electric steering, AT transmission, audio quality, and all other electrical systems in the car will respond faster, and engine control will be better able to follow the sensors, so mid-range acceleration and exhaust efficiency will be as good as if the muffler were replaced.
Fuel efficiency is also improved when the engine is running, as a stable and strong current of electric power can be supplied immediately.

What kind of battery charger should I use to pre-charge the F8450/X-CAP?
Most modern battery chargers are equipped with a protection circuit, so if you charge a battery that can flow 100 times more than a normal battery, such as our product, the protection circuit will not be able to charge the battery, judging that it is in a short circuit. If a battery charger without a protection circuit is used, it may be possible, but we do not recommend it because the transformer may be damaged.

A reliable method of preliminary charging is to slowly charge the battery using a light bulb (the inertia tester included with this product), which also acts as a charging resistance, or to use a constant voltage power supply (stabilized power supply) and start charging at about 2A.

Can it be used together with electrolytic capacitor products?
Yes, it can be used with electrolytic capacitors. However, electrolytic capacitors have a shorter life span than EDLCs (2-3 years) and will explode if deteriorated. When installing, be sure to install in parallel.

Is it possible to install a power supply unit for a car audio amplifier?
Yes, because EDLC has high power, please connect it to the power supply of the amplifier, not to the capacitor terminal of the amplifier.

Can I replace the battery with a smaller one?
The capacity of a battery is determined based on the expected maximum length of time the engine can run without being driven, and a new battery will have enough capacity to start the engine even if it is not driven at all for a month. Battery capacity is determined by how often the car is driven. If you drive every day, such as on the track or for commuting, a small 12V battery for a motorcycle will do the job.
If you drive only once a week, it is safer to use a one-size smaller battery.
Using a smaller battery in conjunction with EDLC will extend battery life, reduce overcharging of the alternator, and reduce magnetic resistance of the coils, resulting in improved horsepower.
Please note that the use of motorcycle batteries is at your own risk and is not covered by our warranty or that of the automobile manufacturer.

How long is the durability of EDLC?
EDLCs can be used for approximately 10 years, but their performance will gradually decline. You may continue to use the EDLC as it is, or if you feel that its performance is declining, it may be a good time to consider a replacement.

I heard that the F8450 and X-CAP are engine-starting models. If I install the product in a light car used for commuting, can I use it as a battery-less system only with this product?
The F8450 can start the engine of a light car, and the X-CAP can start the engine of a 2000-capacity car. However, although EDLC has a high discharge capability, it does not perform the same function as a battery that provides electricity for a long period of time; EDLC discharges 100 times more than a battery when the car has a sudden demand for electricity and to improve the response of sensors.

For long periods of parking, the EDLC should be used in conjunction with at least a small 12V motorcycle battery to avoid the standby current being consumed by the computer, clock, etc., and preventing the engine from running. If not used in conjunction with a battery, the life of the battery will be shortened as it discharges close to 100%, so be sure to use it in combination with a battery.

Can the BIKE-F900 be used in a car? And which is better, the F950 or the BIKE-F900?
The BIKE-F900 can be used in a car. Any type of car is acceptable, but we recommend a car of 1500cc or less.
There is almost no difference between the BIKE-F900 and the F950 in terms of effectiveness, but the motorcycle has a higher withstand voltage than the F950 because the regulator can easily break down and overvoltage can occur, so the capacity is slightly lower than the F950 but the current is stronger. In principle, it is the difference between a 12V battery for cars and a 24V battery for trucks. 24V allows the same current to be sent through a thin wire.

If the F950 is set at 100, the BIKE-F900 is designed to have 15% less capacity but 15% higher voltage current, so there is almost no difference in power regardless of which you choose. You may decide which one is easier to install in the engine compartment battery.

Is it safe to leave the EDLC installed when submitting the car for inspection?
EDLC is treated as an after-market battery, so it is safe to submit the vehicle for inspection with the EDLC installed.

Is there any problem with lithium batteries?
Lithium batteries have low over-discharge and low resistance, so they have good discharge characteristics and are said to be about 4 times better than normal batteries. In contrast, EDLC has discharge characteristics that are 100 times better than normal batteries, making it a very good combination with lithium batteries.

On a bike that is only ridden about 10 or so times a year, is the connection good enough to be connected to the battery all the time?
Since it does not consume standby current, there is no problem with a constant connection to the battery.

I plan to participate in a competition with a 400㏄ bike. Which model is best?
For a mid-size bike, the BIKE-F400 will work well, but since you are planning to participate in a competition, we recommend the BIKE-F900, which has more power. It may take some getting used to at first, as the braking points will change, but there are many people who use our EDLC in car races, etc., and it has been very well received.
For even higher performance, consider the F2150, which has about twice the power of the BIKE-F900. Two BIKE-F900s can also be installed in parallel, and the power will be almost the same as that of the F2150.