EDLC for ROSSAM bikes

This is a review of ROSSAM EDLC products. Please refer to the following.

However, the effects may vary from person to person depending on driving conditions, driving methods, maintenance conditions, types of electrical equipment, and differences in individual senses. Please understand that not all people will get the same impression even if the model and car type are the same.

You can read the review here. http://www.rossam.com/car_evaluation/index.html

BIKE-F900 K.S., Ikoma City, Nara, Japan V-MAX1200, Canadian Re-import

Mileage: 12400 miles Before F900: 1L=12km
Muffler and intake system are external.
After F900 installation: 1L=14km

Idling is stabilized when starting early in the morning. (The current early morning temperature is 13 degrees Celsius,
The oil is good because it is the result of using solidified 10-40).
Although the engine is designed for mid to high RPMs, it is more stable at low speeds.
The idling instability seen when the engine is hot has also been reduced, partly due to the use of power cables. The idling instability seen when the engine is hot has also been reduced.
Also, idling fluctuations when the fan is running have been reduced.
Although a battery with a smaller capacity than the factory battery is used, including in the sense of weight reduction, I did not notice any power shortage, I did not feel any power shortage.
I was able to use it until the battery suddenly died. This is a different problem, and it is a tough one.

What I don't understand is that even if the V-boot is running at full throttle for a long distance or if I am driving in town, there is basically not much change to 1L/14km. 1L/14km is not much different.

BIKE-F900 Vehicle: Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa, Nagareyama, Chiba, Japan

Battery age: New battery
Battery number: 1 battery installed
Battery manufacturer: DE
Fuel: , High-octane (premium)
Engine: Reciprocating
Transmission: Manual
Starting: Better
Idling: Stable
Initial acceleration: Better
Acceleration in mid-speed range: Better
Acceleration in high-speed range acceleration: Better
Fuel economy: Better 12.3 Km/L ⇒ 13.9 Km/L (13% improvement)
Fuel economy meter: Fuel economy meter installed
Product satisfaction: Especially good
Awareness of EDLC: Did not know

Immediate after experience: I have HIDs installed and the color temperature seemed to stabilize faster.

3 hours after experience: Response around normal use (city driving) RPM (city driving) The response around RPM seemed to have improved. It seems to have improved the starting performance.

Experience after 7 days: HIDs used to sometimes turn off due to voltage drop when the cell motor was running, but now there is no problem. Dramatically improved starting performance. Before installing the HIDs, the engine would not start unless the cell was turned for about one second, but now it takes less than half the time it used to. For some reason, the idle has dropped. After adjusting to the normal idle, the idle is more stable than before. Response is better in all RPM range, and I can accelerate without stress from 6th gear 40km/h. Is it because of the increased torque? Amazing! I have been using the trickle charger for a long time, and it used to take more than 30 minutes from the time I plugged it in to the maintenance mode, but now it takes less than 10 minutes to start maintenance.

Requests/Opinions: Seems to work well with my bike. I am very satisfied with it. Please keep developing good products.

BIKE-F900 Model: Kawasaki GPZ900RA 10 EU spec Re-imported from Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan IK

Year: 1993
Battery age: 2 years
Number of batteries: 1 battery installed
Battery manufacturer: Furukawa
Fuel: , High-octane (premium)
Engine: reciprocating
Transmission: manual
Starting: better
Headlight: brighter
Idling: stable
Initial acceleration: better
acceleration: Better
Acceleration at high speeds: Better
Fuel economy improved 10.1km/L ⇒ 12.8 (26% improvement in fuel economy)
Voltage: Increased 12.2V ⇒ 12.8V
Awareness of EDLC: I knew of it

Immediate experience:
Immediately after installation, engine startability improved. Meter illumination became brighter.

3 hours later Experience:
The overall engine feel was smoother, especially at low and mid speeds, and the torque and response was improved throughout the entire range. I was very surprised to see that the engine can smoothly move forward even if the clutch is engaged at idle without accelerating the accelerator pedal. The idling is stable and the pointer hardly wobbles, and I think the explosive treatment of each cylinder has become stronger.

7 days later:
The starting performance has become even better, and it turns so strongly that I can tell even from the sound of the cell. The accelerator pedal opening during driving is much less than before, and I can feel the acceleration even with a slight opening, especially on steep uphill slopes. The feeling of responsiveness is very good even when the accelerator is suddenly opened from half-open to fully open, and I even felt a sense of fear when the gas pedal is operated too roughly. Naturally, fuel consumption was also improved. Before the installation, the fuel consumption was around 10k in town, but now it has increased to an average of almost 13.0k. The mechanical noise of the engine and while driving has become a little quieter.
The illumination of the meter, position, and indicator lights are also much brighter and more stable. The time from turning on the HIDs to stabilizing the lights has been considerably shortened after installation, stabilizing in about 10 seconds, and the light intensity itself has increased. Even I feel dazzled by the reflection from the car in front of me when waiting at a traffic light. The battery voltage recovered from 12.3V to 12.8V.

I have known ROSSAM products for a long time, and this is the first time I have purchased your products and this kind of products, but my first impression was that the performance seems to be better than other companies' products, but they are too expensive! My first impression was that it seemed to perform well, but it was too expensive! But I always wondered why it was so expensive. I had always wondered why it was so expensive, but now that I have tried it, I understand the reason for the high price through numerous experiences. It's because it's not an imitation, it's the "real thing"...
Moreover, I consider myself lucky that I was able to install the real thing from the beginning. I wonder if I would have been even more impressed if I had known about other companies' products, but since I didn't waste my money, I am thankful that there is nothing better than this. I am glad I took the time to examine the product and make a choice! It is cost-effective and now I feel it is cheap, and it works great on older bikes like the GPZ.
Thank you very much. I am looking forward to the continued effect in the future.

BIKE-F900 Kiyotake-machi, Miyazaki-gun, Japan TM Vehicle: Harley-Davidson FXS LOWRIDER
Battery age: 2 years
Battery number: 1 battery installed
Battery manufacturer: GS
Fuel: , High-octane (premium)
Engine: Reciprocating
Transmission: Manual
Starting: Better
Headlight: Brighter
Idling: Stable
Initial acceleration: Better
Acceleration at mid-speed range: Better
Acceleration at high speed: Better
Satisfaction with product: Especially good
Awareness of EDLC: Did not know
Immediate experience:
After starting the engine (kick-start), all lights were brighter. Neutral lamps and oil lamps are hard to see in daylight, but I could see them well enough.
3 hours later:
I could feel stable idling and improved shift feeling.
7 days later:
The starter is clearly turning stronger. The rotation in each shift is very smooth and it seems as if the torque has increased. Also, the car revs smoothly without any jerkiness without having to downshift.
The exhaust sound from the muffler is very crisp, especially the ignition is stronger. I expect the battery replacement time to be extended...

BIKE-F900 Yamaha Zeal
I use the BIKE-F900 for daily commuting, so it is relatively easy to notice the change. After installing the BIKE-F900, when I open the throttle as usual at the start from a stoplight, it is 300 to 400 rpm more than usual.
When cruising at my usual speed, I open the throttle less than usual.
Even on an uphill climb where I normally cannot accelerate, it accelerates as much as I open the throttle, or I don't have to downshift.
Idling is super stable and no longer erratic at all, just like a modern motorcycle.
Well, there are many things to say, but in a nutshell, it is "like a 10% increase in displacement.
Rather than wasting money on oil additives and gasoline additives, I would boldly recommend installing the BIKE-F900.

I then replaced my bike with a KTM390Duke and had been installing it since new.
I wasn't sure how well it would work, but when I took it off, I was surprised to find that I had to drop one gear to be able to ride. I cannot use 6th gear in town. After all, it feels like an increase or decrease in displacement.
It is strange that I can understand the effect after removing the gear (laugh).

BIKE-F900 V-MAX1200

The battery voltage drop has often been pointed out in vehicles, so we introduced this product as a countermeasure for this problem. This time, the product is stored in the dummy tank, just under the seat. We had originally planned to use tie wraps to secure the product in place, but since it was able to be stored with just enough clearance and no rattling, we simply fitted it into the gap and did not use any particular device or tool to secure it in place.

When installing the product, the red cable is on the left side and the black cable is on the right side with the product label in front of you in the direction of travel. The red cable and the black cable can be stored without gaps by crawling them in the U-shape of the alphabet, respectively. When installing, first fasten the red cable to the battery and then fasten the black cable, but do not be surprised to see sparks coming from the terminals.

In our case, we installed a new GS Yuasa battery and ROSSAM BIKE-F900 at the same time, which can be expected to prolong the battery's life and help restore the voltage when the cell is used or when the voltage drops immediately after the radiator fan is activated. This will give you peace of mind for future use.

I have installed this product on my battery and the voltage is higher, so I am sure that the product is effective. However, whether or not it can be felt depends on the sensitivity of the person who purchased and installed the product.... By the way, we are very satisfied with the product.

BIKE-F900 Zephyr 1100 ZRT10A

It is obvious that the engine startability has improved. The current vehicle is in storage (being scrapped) and I have a trickle charger connected to it, but I occasionally started the engine to see how it was doing, but when I connected this product to it, it clearly improved the engine starting.

I have no intention to ride the car at the moment, so I have not tested whether it improves the driving performance as well. The battery was removed after charging and the BIKE-900 was left alone, and the security system was still functioning properly. I think it is probably getting better, but not worse.

BIKE-F400 Yamaha TMAX 2005 YN, Kiryu-shi, Gunma
Battery age: 1 year
Battery number: 1 battery installed
Starting: Better
Headlight: Brighter
Idling: Stabilized
Room lamp: Brighter
Initial acceleration: Better
Acceleration at mid speed range: Better
Acceleration at high speed range: Better
Fuel economy: Better 17Km-> 18 (6% improvement in fuel economy)
AT operation: Better
Brake assist: Don't know
Satisfaction with product: Especially good
Immediate experience: Start-up is noticeably better. I have an external muffler, and there is no more backfire.

3 hours later: The engine rpms are smoother.
7 days later: The sound of the muffler is mellower or quieter.
Audio impressions: No audio installed.
Other: I have read many reports of other companies' products and they are not so good, but I was surprised at the effect.

BIKE-F400 Mr. KN, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama

I installed it on my old 400cc motorcycle. The idling became stable, the response of the engine became much better, and the light became constant and bright from idling without blowing the accelerator pedal. The engine no longer rumbles and runs like a motor. Great!
Battery. I installed it on a fully restored 550cc bike with a brand new harness and it works great. It feels great to have a better feeling.

BIKE-F400 Bergman 200

I immediately installed it and did a test run up and down a nearby hill (about 100m above sea level). The following is what I felt after the test run:
1. Burgman 200 is an injection system, so I did not feel any drastic change after installing F400.
2. However, I had an impression that the engine and exhaust sound became quieter.
3. It seems to be evaluated as a part to prevent the battery from running out of power. I installed it for that purpose. (I installed it for that purpose.)
The hardest part was to install the F400 in the battery compartment of the Bergman 200, because I had to put the F400 on its side on top of the battery and push it into the back left side of the front panel, and connect the cord to the +/- of the battery. Also, to close the plastic cover that closes the battery compartment at the end, it is necessary to cut off a lot of part of the back of the plastic cover that interferes with the F400.
Finally, I have not evaluated the parts over long distances or at high speeds, so I have given it a rating of 4 stars.
As an addition, I have done a one-day trip of 250 km (using national roads and highways) on June 12 and report the following results:
5. Fuel consumption has increased by 2 km per liter.
6. Gasoline combustion efficiency has increased and the engine is more powerful and has more torque and can climb hills more easily than before. I am very happy with my new car.
I rated it 4 stars in my last review, but now that it has proven itself, I would like to finish my evaluation with 5 stars.

BIKE-F400 NC42

It is a step above S*V and other occult goods. At low speeds, I can run in one higher gear, and it feels as if I have increased the bore by about 80cc. The loss of fire must have been reduced. By the way, the terminal is changed to the kwa form, and I wanted the installability to be considered.
*Addition: High speed driving is also wonderful with full torque. I was quite surprised that I could overtake a steep hill in 6th gear.

BIKE-F400  AT, Mobara City, Chiba, Japan, Maxstar
Battery age: New battery
Battery number: 1 battery installed
Starting: Better
Headlight: Brighter
Idling: Stable
Room light: Don't know
Initial acceleration: Better
Mid range acceleration: Better
High range acceleration: Better
Product satisfaction: Especially good
Immediate after Feelings: I was in the hospital and had to leave my bike for more than 3 months, so I decided to try it out.
My impression after running with it installed was... more power!
I have been running the bike for 3 months but it was faster than when I was riding it everyday.
I didn't run the engine for 3 months but it was faster than when I was riding it everyday, is it in better condition?
I'm glad I put it on, because the bike is known for its weak electrical system.
3 hours later: Idling is higher now? I wonder if the engine revs up even stronger.
7 days later: Torque is up!