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X-CAP2500A model with voltmeter ActiveEDLC adoption ROSSAM

X-CAP2500A model with voltmeter ActiveEDLC adoption ROSSAM

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X-CAP2500A Model with Voltmeter ActiveEDLC

X-CAP2500, the top-of-the-line ROSSAM EDLC model
For any type of car, For large-displacement foreign cars, tuning cars, and super cars.
Enjoy the best driving performance.

・Instruction manual, warranty card (2 years)
・Simple tester

*Cable and connecting plate are optional, sold separately.
*Please confirm in advance whether the product will fit in a large engine compartment, etc. due to its large size.

Size approx. 4cm x 9.5cm x 28.5cm
Weight approx. 1.2kg
Waterproof and heat resistant
450 Farad (2.8V high voltage) x 6ActiveEDLC high power module
For 12V battery

[Product Effectiveness

1、Improved fuel consumption during sudden starts, etc., and assists the demanded current at high speed.
2、Improved battery specific gravity and voltage.
3、Improved spark plug ignition capacity at high engine speeds.
4、Improved engine startability even in extremely cold climates, reducing battery drain.
5、Supports the required current by responding dozens of times faster than conventional batteries.
6、Improved fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.
7、Improved battery performance (capacity is increased and can be used below the limit of use).
8、Improved maximum battery current requirements.
9、Stable running, noise reduction, and sound quality improvement even in vehicles that use a lot of power, such as those equipped with audio systems.
10、Improved response between ECU and sensors, improved injection timing, power steering, ABS, and acceleration.

Principle of Operation

A battery can store a large amount of electricity, but because it is a chemical reaction, the rate at which energy is extracted is limited.This device supplies the necessary energy at high speed in response to high output energy demand, and conversely stores power in the battery when it is on standby.
Moreover, it has a high durability of 1 million full charge/discharge cycles. The synergistic effect with conventional batteries allows rapid charging and discharging,enabling the input and output of power energy at a rate dozens of times faster than that of batteries.

In addition, as batteries age, their charge capacity decreases to about 40%. The alternator basically provides power during driving, butwhen the power demand is insufficient, the current stored in the battery is used, so the condition of theengine depends on how high the discharge efficiency of the battery is maintained.
The battery' s charge capacity is increased to the limit, ignition performance is improved by high-speed discharge, low-speed torque is improved, high-speed charging and discharging are enabled, andpower fluctuations are kept even by the float effect, thus extending the life and performance of the battery itself.

*Effectiveness may vary depending on individual factors such as the state of maintenance, driving methods, driving conditions, types of electrical equipment, and individual sensory perception.

TOYOTA Private cab. It is a hybrid Crown, and the response is good. The radio is now capable of long-distance communication and
communication with the dispatch center has become smooth. I only told my close Lexus friends, but
I don't really want to tell my colleagues about this item.

(I have been able to keep up with one rank higher BMWs with ease. The torque in the middle acceleration is increased and it is comfortable.
HONDA The speed limiter has been changed from "clunk, clunk, clunk" to "ka, ka, ka, ka", so even if the cars are the same, they are
getting further and further apart, which is very exciting. The ABS also works better.
Lamborghini The high compression Lamborghini engine had a tendency to idle sluggishly until it warmed up, but
no more chattering right after startup.
Porsche It is an electric power steering Porsche with manual transmission.
Alfa-Romeo Driving in Suzuka has totally changed. I can keep up with my friends who used to leave me behind.
The braking timing has been reviewed because the exit of the corner is quite different.
We have installed a total of 8 units including SUZUKI F4250, F8450, and CAP1 on our mini wagon. I may be the only person who has installed 8 units on a light vehicle.
I can no longer drive a car without EDLC.
I have 6 high power amps and monitors in my NISSAN wagon. The monitors no longer make noise and the power is improved to the point that
I don't even need a spare battery. The sound has also improved.
Subaru 3000㏄ engine now gets 16 km per liter on the highway and 10 km per liter in town.
Ford Tractor The number of times I have to return to refuel during the harvest season has been cut in half, efficiency and fuel economy have improved, and it paid for itself quickly.
It has a good reputation among my friends on the road.
Mercedes The electronic suspension used to be fluffy on high speed corners, but as if it had been replaced with a high performance suspension, it is now stable and comfortable.
Ferrari I use it on my 350 and the response is great and the fuel economy is good. I have put it on other Ferraris, Mercedes Benz, Porsches, sales cars, etc.
I have put it on all my cars.
I have put EDLC on all my cars. --------------------------------------------
When I had my car inspected at a BMW dealer, the person in charge of diagnosing the computer said "It can't be this bad, you must have modified something"
I just put EDLC on it... The roof of the gaffliore now opens and closes at high speed. The audio system sounds as good as if I had bought
new speakers.
Dodeg Challenger It is an American car, but the fuel consumption has increased from 2 to 3 kilometers per liter to 4 to 5 kilometers per liter. I am very happy with the torque and the performance of the car.
MAZDA RX-7 It seems to work well with rotary, the effect of fuel consumption improvement is great. It definitely improves fuel economy by 30%.

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