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ROSSAM ActiveEDLC BIKE-F400 free shipping

ROSSAM ActiveEDLC BIKE-F400 free shipping

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Suitable for mopeds to under medium size bikes

Size 18mm x 60mm x 93mm
Cable length approx. 30cm, terminal R2-6
For 12V battery
Waterproof and heat resistant
Durability: approx. 10 years
Product warranty 2 years

Delivered by Click Post mail (free of charge).

Effects of the product

1、Improves fuel efficiency during sudden starts, etc., and assists the demanded current at high speed.
2、Battery specific gravity and voltage are increased.
3、Ignition capacity of spark plugs at high engine speeds is increased.
4、Improved engine startability even in extremely cold climates, reducing battery drain.
5、Supports the required current by responding dozens of times faster than conventional batteries.
6、Improved fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions.
7、Improved battery performance (capacity is increased and can be used below the limit of use).
8、Improved maximum battery current requirements.
9、Stable running, noise reduction, and sound quality improvement even in vehicles that use a lot of power, such as those equipped with audio systems.
10、Improved response between ECU and sensor, improved injection timing, power steering, ABS, and acceleration.

Principle of Operation

A battery can store a large amount of electricity, but because it is a chemical reaction, the rate at which energy is extracted is limited. This device provides the necessary energy at high speed in response to high output energy demand and conversely stores power in the battery when it is on standby. Moreover, it has a high durability of 1 million full charge/discharge cycles. The synergistic effect with conventional batteries enables rapid charging and discharging, The battery can input and output power energy dozens of times faster than a conventional battery.

In addition, as batteries age, their charge capacity drops to about 40%. The alternator is basically responsible for generating power while the car is running, Therefore, the condition of the engine depends on how high the discharge efficiency of the battery is maintained. Therefore, the condition of the engine depends on how high the discharge efficiency of the battery is maintained.
The battery's charge capacity is increased to the limit, ignition performance is improved by high-speed discharge, low-speed torque is improved, and high-speed charging and discharging are made possible. The float effect keeps power fluctuations even, extending the life and performance of the battery itself.

CSR300 For improving battery condition
BIKE-F400 Recommended for mid-size and smaller motorcycles.
BIKE-F900 Recommended for motorcycles under 1500cc
F950 Recommended for light cars and compact cars or smaller
F2150 Recommended for 2500㏄ and under
F8450 Compatible with 5000㏄ class racing cars and campers OK
Maximize the effect of X-CAP EDLC. For all types of vehicles.

*Effectiveness may vary depending on maintenance conditions, driving methods, driving conditions, types of electrical equipment, and individual sensory perception.


Which product should I choose for my small bike?
As a rule of thumb, BIKE-F400 is for mopeds to medium-sized motorcycles, and BIKE-F900 is for mopeds to large-sized motorcycles (1500㏄ class). Smaller bikes will perform better with the BIKE-F400, but basically, the larger the capacity, the better the performance. The higher-end BIKE-F900 model is even more effective, so if your budget allows, we recommend it.

Can I use an old battery?
EDLC reduces the load on the battery, which usually lasts about twice as long as the battery itself. However, batteries that have reached the end of their useful life cannot be used and should be replaced with new ones.

Is there any problem with lithium batteries?
Lithium batteries have low over-discharge and low resistance, so they have good discharge characteristics and are said to be about four times better than normal batteries. In contrast, EDLC has discharge characteristics that are 100 times better than normal batteries, making it a very good combination with lithium batteries. The engine also has more torque and is very easy to run at low speeds. Users of large motorcycles such as Docati and Harley have commented that it makes their motorcycles look like something new.

Is it OK to use a constant connection to the battery on a bike that is only ridden about 10 times a year?
No problem to connect it to the battery at all times since it does not consume standby current.

Is it OK to leave the EDLC installed when submitting the bike for inspection?
EDLC is treated as a commercially available battery, so it is OK to submit the bike for inspection with the EDLC installed.

Can EDLC be used in combination with electrolytic capacitors?
Yes, they can be used together. Be sure to install them in parallel. The electrolytic capacitor has a short lifespan of 2-3 years and may explode if it deteriorates, so we recommend using a new one if possible.

How long is the durability of EDLC?
EDLCs can be used for about 10 years. You can continue to use it as it is, or if you feel that its performance is deteriorating, it may be a good time to consider replacing it.

I am planning to participate in a competition with a 400㏄ bike. Which model is best for me?
For a mid-size bike, the BIKE-F400 will work well, but since you are planning to participate in a competition, we recommend the BIKE-F900, which has more power. It may take some getting used to at first, as the braking points will change, but many people have used our EDLC in car races, etc., and it has been well received.
For even higher performance, consider the F2150, which has about twice the power of the BIKE-F900. Two BIKE-F900s can also be installed in parallel, and the power will be almost the same as that of the F2150.

Can the BIKE-F900 be used in a car? Also, which is better, the F950 or the BIKE-F900?
BIKE-F900 can be used for cars, but it is recommended to use for cars under 1500cc.
The capacity is a little lower than F950, but the current is stronger. In principle, it is the difference between a 12V battery for cars and a 24V battery for trucks. 24V allows the same current to be delivered with a smaller wire. There is almost no difference in power between the BIKE-F900 and the F950. You can decide which one is easier to install.

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