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ROSSAM F8450 ActiveEDLC Large capacity EDLC F series for all car models

ROSSAM F8450 ActiveEDLC Large capacity EDLC F series for all car models

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F8450 ActiveEDLC

EDLC F series large capacity ActiveEDLC for 5000㏄ class cars.
Suitable for compact cars, older model cars, eco-cars with idling stop, downsizing turbo cars, performance cars, and all other types of cars.

Currently, the delivery time is about 10 days. Please understand this in advance.

・Instruction manual, warranty card (2 years)
・Simple tester

*Please check in advance if it fits in the engine compartment, etc. due to its large size.

Size: approx. 3.5cm x 13cm x 21cm
・Length of cable: approx. 50cm
・Terminals R8-8
Ag99.99 silver terminals with 30% lower resistance than gold terminals
・Waterproof and heat resistant
・For 12V batteries

Effects of the product

1、Improves fuel efficiency during sudden starts, etc., and assists the demanded current at high speed.
2、Battery specific gravity and voltage are increased.
3、Improved spark plug ignition capacity at high engine RPM.
4、Improved engine startability even in extremely cold climates, reducing battery drain.
5、Supports the required current by responding dozens of times faster than conventional batteries.
6、Improved fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.
7、Improved battery performance (capacity is increased and can be used below the limit of use).
8、Improved maximum battery current requirements.
9、Stable running, noise reduction, and sound quality improvement even in vehicles that use a lot of power, such as those equipped with audio systems.
10、Improved response between ECU and sensor, improved injection timing, power steering, ABS, and acceleration.

Principle of Operation

A battery can store a large amount of electricity, but because it is a chemical reaction, the rate at which energy is extracted is limited.
This device provides the necessary energy at high speed in response to high output energy demand, and conversely stores power in the battery when it is on standby.
Moreover, it has a high durability of 1 million full charge/discharge cycles. The synergistic effect with conventional batteries enables rapid charging and discharging.
The battery can input and output power energy dozens of times faster than a conventional battery.

In addition, as batteries age, their charge capacity drops to about 40%. The alternator is basically responsible for generating power while the car is running,
Therefore, the condition of the engine depends on how high the discharge efficiency of the battery is maintained.
Therefore, the condition of the engine depends on how high the discharge efficiency of the battery is maintained.
The battery's charge capacity is increased to the limit, ignition performance is improved by high-speed discharge, low-speed torque is improved, and high-speed charging and discharging are made possible.
The float effect keeps power fluctuations even, extending the life and performance of the battery itself.


Is EDLC an active type rather than a passive type?
Our EDLC products, both F series and X-CAP series, are active type.

Is it safe to use old batteries?
EDLC reduces the load on the battery, which usually lasts about twice as long as the battery's life.
However, batteries that have reached the end of their useful life cannot be used and should be replaced with new ones.

Is there any problem with lithium batteries?
Lithium batteries have less over-discharge and less resistance, so they have better discharge characteristics and
are said to be about 4 times better than normal batteries. On the other hand, EDLC has a discharge characteristic that is
100 times better than that of a normal battery, making it a very good combination with a lithium battery.

● Will it improve starting performance?
The output of the battery plus the discharge of the EDLC will improve the starting performance of any car model.
For details, please inquire with the make and model of the car.

Is it a problem to use a large capacity EDLC in a light car?
The larger the capacity of EDLC, the more effective it is.
Usually, for a light car, F950 or F2150, or F8450 at the largest, is sufficient.
If you are using the X-CAP under severe conditions for business use, such as circuit driving or private cab, or if you want to maximize the effect of EDLC without worrying about
cost, please consider the X-CAP.

Can X-CAP be installed in hybrid vehicles such as Prius?
Yes, it can be used in hybrid vehicles, and all electrical systems controlled by 12V will respond well.
Sensors, solenoids, ABS, electronic suspension, electric steering, AT transmission audio quality, etc.
of each part of the car will improve the response speed of all electrical systems, and engine control will also improve sensor tracking, so intermediate acceleration and exhaust efficiency will be as effective as if the muffler was
replaced. By being able to supply a stable and strong current of electric power immediately, the performance of various parts such as transmission switching and
ABS electronic suspension is improved, and fuel efficiency is also improved when the engine is running.

Can I replace the battery with a smaller one?

The capacity of a battery is determined based on the expected maximum length of time the engine can be run without running.
A new battery has enough capacity to start the engine for a month without any operation. The capacity of the battery is determined by how often you drive. If you drive every day, such as on the track or
commuting to work, a small 12V battery for a motorcycle will do.
If you drive once a week or so, it is safer to use a smaller battery.
Using a smaller battery in conjunction with EDLC will extend battery life, reduce overcharging of the alternator, and
reduce magnetic resistance of the coils, resulting in improved horsepower.
Please note that the use of motorcycle batteries is at your own risk and is not covered by the warranty of our company or the automobile manufacturer.

Can it be used in combination with electrolytic capacitor products?
Yes, it is possible. However, electrolytic capacitors have a short lifespan of only 2-3 years, and if they deteriorate, they may explode due to overcharging, etc.
Be sure to install the capacitors in parallel.

How long is the durability of EDLC?
It can be used for about 10 years.
You may continue to use the product as it is, or if you feel that the performance is deteriorating, it may be a good time to consider a replacement.

ROSSAM EDLC products】
・CSR300 For improving battery condition
・BIKE-F400 Recommended for mid-size and smaller bikes
・BIKE-F900 Recommended for 1500㏄ and smaller bikes
・F950 Recommended for light cars and compact cars
・F2150 Recommended for 2500㏄ and smaller
・F8450 Also for 5000㏄ class Compatible Racing cars and campers OK
・Maximize the effect of X-CAP EDLC For all kinds of vehicles.

*Effectiveness may vary depending on maintenance conditions, driving methods, driving conditions, types of electrical equipment, and individual sensory perception.

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