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Inazuma tester Simple tester Free shipping

Inazuma tester Simple tester Free shipping

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This product is a simple tester that can visually determine the discharge characteristics of capacitors.
It is also used to pre-charge large-capacity EDLCs (F4350 or higher) prior to installation.

Bulb 3W
Cord length: approx. 17 cm
Color Red Black White Yellow Green

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You can easily determine the performance of a battery by simply removing the capacitors attached to the battery and clipping the positive and negative terminals with the tester's clips. When testing multiple times, charge the battery and repeat the test.
You can determine if your electrolytic capacitor, electric double layer capacitor, audio capacitor, or EDLC is really generating power by looking at the discharge time and the way it glows. It can also be used for preliminary charging of large-capacity EDLCs.
1) Those with no power (electrolytic capacitor type, etc.): Since they hardly light up, it is considered that there is not much effect.
(2) Those with power: Our EDLC products glow for a long time.
(3) American-made (or Chinese-made) audiocapacitors with fraudulent performance only glow for about 1/10th of their actual capacity. 20F high-capacity capacitors that disappear after about 1 minute are fraudulent products. A real product will emit light for about 20 minutes.
Approximately 1 minute per 1F is a rough estimate of the lighting time. In the case of a module display, 1/36 of its capacity is the actual F number. A real EDLC type will glow for a long time.

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