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StarWorks Original Low Aberration Long Barlow Lens 3x

StarWorks Original Low Aberration Long Barlow Lens 3x

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Low aberration long barrow lens 3x, StarWorks original

High-resolution model pursuing low aberration, high resolution, and optical axis accuracy

ED color obliteration lens 3x Multi-coating
Housing and manufacturing Japan
with connection adapter 2-inch & M42 included

For ease of use, the 2-inch and M42 adapters can be connected firmly to the telescope in two ways to eliminate optical axis blurring. The eyepiece side has M42 and T threads for commercial digital cameras and 31.7 adapter CMOS cameras, but it is manufactured at an amazing cost compared to general commercial barrow lenses.

3x long barrow lens
● Advantages
Long barrows of 3x or less produce performance equivalent to 25mm high performance magnification.
 Less chromatic aberration and distortion than short barrows.
 Higher resolution than telecentric barrows with more lenses.
Overall length is longer.

To achieve low aberration, this barrow lens is three times longer than a standard short barrow. It features a strong connection without any deflection of 2 inches or 42 mm to ensure the optical axis and mounting.

It is a common belief that barrow lenses can only be used up to 3x in the practical range
because the aberration increases as the magnification increases, but the recently popular short barrows inevitably have aberrations
that leave much to be desired. Therefore, in order to suppress aberrations at the 3x magnification limit, we used a long type ED 2-element colorless tablet and reduced the field of view ring by 25% compared to a normal barrow in order to suppress aberrations even further.

The sample telescope is a KENKO Newton 20cm telescope, which sells for about 40,000-50,000 yen, but please take a look at it as an example that beginners and even casual photographers can capture this level of Saturn as long as seeing is good.
The sample photo is an enlargement of a normal Wavelet photo taken with REGISTAX at seeing 4/10 with almost no correction.

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