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LEICA mirror type anti-air 45 degree binocular binocular device

LEICA mirror type anti-air 45 degree binocular binocular device

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Leica is a microscope manufacturer, which is a twin of Zeiss, the company founded by Dr. Kellner, and we have made our first mirror-type astronomical binocular device with Leica. The mirror surface accuracy is 1/40λ, and the reflectivity is probably over 99.5%. I looked into the binoculars and was amazed at the brightness of the binoculars. The resolution is incomparable to the previous astronomical binoculars. Moreover, the colors came out beautifully and the paint and rust on the pillars were so realistic that it was amazing. I was impressed again that the performance for professional use is different.

Features of this binocular device

The silver mirror, which is the most important part of the binoculars, is made of an extreme material with high reflectivity. Except for the central splitter, everything else is mirrored. Therefore, it is considerably brighter than the prism type. Leica seems to be good at the mirror type these days, and Leica Microscope officially announces that all lenses, prisms, and mirrors are guaranteed to be 1/40λ. However, the mirror is advantageous because only one surface needs to be polished, although the manufacturing cost becomes an issue with such high precision. The problem is that prisms pass all wavelengths, but mirrors are biased in wavelength, so by using silver mirrors, it is possible to pass all wavelengths equally. However, the use of a silver mirror allows all wavelengths to pass through evenly.

Mounting Aperture
A strong 2-inch lightweight duralumin barrel is used for connection to the optical tube in order to obtain a stable optical axis. The eyepiece is 31.7mm in size, which is the USA standard for astronomical objects.

Celestial objects viewed with binoculars have an overwhelmingly higher resolution. It is impressive to see the details that were previously invisible come to the surface. You can even see the flapping wings of a sparrow flying several kilometers away, which is a real thrill that only binoculars can provide. The contrast of the planets is also completely different. The advantage of the binoculars is that your eyes do not get tired even if you watch for a long time, and you can easily adjust the eye width while looking through the binoculars. It is very difficult to obtain good quality binoculars, and we will not always display them, but we are confident in recommending them to you. We are looking forward to your bidding.

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