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LEICA Germany factory Astronomical 70-degree anti-air binoculars Prism translation type

LEICA Germany factory Astronomical 70-degree anti-air binoculars Prism translation type

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Made with new unit Price: 150,000 yen
Made with second hand unit Price: 100,000 yen

Eyepiece 31.7mm, M42 compatible , telescope connection is 2 inches
Delivery time 30 days

Small aperture telescopes cannot take advantage of the performance of this binocular device, it is recommended for medium and large aperture machines.
This product is fully custom-made. Please email us in advance before purchase.


Based on LEICA's professional binocular microscope, which is famous for having produced many Nobel Prize winners,
StarWorks has produced this binocular model for astronomical use.

The feature is that it is a patented horizontal moving prism developed by LEICA. The optical axis of the horizontal type does not blur up and down, but the more the magnification is increased, the more blur will appear when the eye width is changed for the mid-fold type. The human eye is sensitive to vertical shift, so the folded type is inferior in this respect. In addition, the horizontal type has the advantage that the left and right images can be seen with the same brightness. This is why even rival Zeiss has a history of using LEICA's patent for more than 50 years. The fact that many of today's binoculars have a mid-fold is due to improved coatings and workmanship, and the horizontal type is fundamentally superior.

The wonderful thing about LEICA is that it has the ability to officially announce that it guarantees 1/40λ wavefront accuracy, and it is truly the world's best binoculars. This unit, the main body of which costs more than 300,000 yen when purchased in Japan, was created by importing an inspected second-hand product from a German microscope dealer. Therefore, it is not classified as an antique under Japanese law, but is sold by StarWorks as a remake for astronomical use as a brand-new product. The materials used are solid brass and 18-8 stainless steel for excellent heat dissipation, and inexpensive aluminum is not used.

Prisms are made of quartz, which is extremely hard and has no thermal expansion (less than 1/100th that of ordinary optical glass), but they are susceptible to impact and break easily. Therefore, if dropped, the prisms are almost 100% likely to break. We have received some customers who have requested that the case not be included in order to lower the price, but we do not recommend such a use.

As you can see from the photos, the interior and exterior are independent high-precision products machined from solid brass, so there is no worry about the optical axis deviation.

Specifications Eyepiece: 31.7mm and, M42, Astronomical Telescope Standard
Telescope connection: 2-inch barrel
Focal spot: binocular precision helicoid
Optical axis calibration: guarantees maximum telescope magnification of 500x
Prism: quartz Precision: 1/40λ
Case: moisture and earthquake resistant: with waterproof special case
Ideal telescope for use: Schmikase or Maksutov
Special case: shockproof, moisture-proof, waterproof

When using a refractor or Newtonian with a relay lens, magnification will be higher and the field of view will be darker with binoculars of any manufacturer, so we do not recommend using them. Instead, we recommend using the binoculars as they are with high resolution.
(The relay 0.3x sold separately costs ³,000. It serves as a barrow lens with a magnification of about 2x or less. It is necessary for refracting telescopes with insufficient light path.)

Other: Instruction manual Product warranty: 2 years
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