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High sensitivity Meteor camera USB extension up to 20m Fully waterproof Field of view 117 degrees IR visible light confocal lens

High sensitivity Meteor camera USB extension up to 20m Fully waterproof Field of view 117 degrees IR visible light confocal lens

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This is a new type of StarWorks Sky Camera.

No need to change lenses. It is also convenient for those who want to take pictures easily in accordance with the meteor shower maximum period rather than continuous observation for a long period of time. It is also convenient. The camera and its dedicated mount can be easily attached to a commercially available tripod. The camera is equipped with an Arca-Swiss rail, so it can also be set on an equatorial mount, making it suitable for shooting with an emphasis on the radiant point.

In addition to shooting in suburban areas, the IMX291 with its high infrared sensitivity captures both visible light and the infrared burst range of meteors, making it possible to shoot meteors even in large cities with light pollution or at night, such as those with a full moon.

It captures meteors, lightning, earthquake clouds, paranormal phenomena, UFOs, aircraft, and satellites. It can be attached to a tripod with Arca Swiss standard. The USB cable can be extended up to 20 meters. ORION recommends HANDYAVI, which is officially certified by ORION, as the shooting software. Due to its high sensitivity, it is possible to photograph meteors even with inexpensive lenses with dark f-numbers. The advantage of not forcing a brighter lens is less aberration.

Please watch the YouTube setting with high quality HD playback.

Click here↓ for sample images↓.

Mr. AM in Hiroshima captured a stunning fireball early this morning.
This is a fireball of the Pisces meteor shower I was able to capture early this morning.
I am pleased to have been able to obtain a good one.

Lens Fixed lens 4mm, 117 degree field of view, low distortion lens with no distortion
Both visible light and infrared are IR compatible with the same focus.
Camera IMX291 ColorOutdoor waterproof
Camera Heads All Arca Swiss standard
Horizontal 360° and vertical 180° variable mount
Connected by slide rail system
Sensor type CMOS
Pixels 1920X1080
Maximum sensitivity 0.0001lux
Connection method USB, signal booster built-in max. 20m
AD conversion 12Bit
Frame rate 30fps
Software HNDAYAVI 30 days free $60 for purchase
Motion surveillance & time-lapse
Supported OS Windows 7/8/10
Product Warranty 2 years
Price 28,000 Yen
Other Arca-Swiss rail type. It is small enough to be mounted on an equatorial mount or other equipment.

Photography software information

HANDYAVI Recommended Product
HANDYAVI is a free software (free for 30 days, $60 for permanent license) officially adopted for ORION's all-sky camera, which we tested with very good results in meteor shooting mode. It is useful because it can easily and automatically extract meteor parts from the video. There are shooting modes dedicated to time-lapse and meteors.

Please use Google's browser translation.
There is a detailed explanation of how to use in tutorial. You can read it in Japanese by right-clicking on the page, so I think it is easy to understand.
The camera also has strong sensitivity to infrared rays, so even in urban areas, it captures the near-infrared rays when meteors burst, so it can capture meteors well even in fairly bright skies or on a full moon.
In urban areas, the background stars do not show up as well as they do in the countryside, but in urban areas, if the JPG image extracted from the movie is contrasted using Photoshop, etc., the stars will also show up quite well.
(Please set the sensitivity to manual, not automatic, and use the slider to adjust the visibility.)
If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.
① Time lapse is possible.
② Meteors are captured as one-shot movies, so the storage capacity is reduced.
2) Thumbnail images of files in which meteors are shot are automatically created, so it is easy to find them.
3) There is a function to find meteor parts from a movie file.
(4) The time range from before to after the appearance of a meteor can be set freely, so meteor trails are not missed.

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